First blog post

Welcome to the launch of our new site and business. This is a bit of a journey that will take a while to fully develop.

While we focus on dog behavior, things like providing free advice, videos and giving you helpful tools and guidance will be part of this website going forward.

Our training focus is to allow you to get the most out of your dog and let it live its natural life in much less anxiety and with more confidence and fulfillment. That can’t happen if the dog is out of control and makes you regret the purchase, adoption or however you got hooked up with it.

I love the partnership and all rewards that come with owning a well behaved, trained dog. I hunt, run, hang out and bring our dogs with us as a matter of life style and shear enjoyment. I wish that for you as well.

Let us know if we can help and thank you for visiting the site.



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