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Our training service is based on training methods that are best described as “balanced”. We are not positive only trainers. The methods we use involve rewards (food, praise, play) as well as consequences (corrections, pressure and influence). We are after effective change with dogs that have developed problem behaviors that limit their lives as well as their owners.

Here are some basic packages..

  • Structured walk training for dog and owners… 2 week course with individual dog and owner sessions. Cost is $250 per dog plus cost of prong  or e-collar.
    • Results include relaxed leash walk, automatic sit, control over reactive impulses and the basics of down, place and recall.
    • Tools used include slip or chain collar, prong collar and e-collar introduction (price for e-collar not included).
  • Board and Train for more pattern interruption and new beginnings (may be required in lieu of structured walk session depending upon behavior issues…). 3 week board and train course (last week requires owner participation). Cost is $1200 per dog plus cost of prong or e-collar. 
    • Results include relaxed leash walk, crate training and relaxation around people and other dogs, more complete work in walking at heel, avoiding reactivity, place command and recall (prong and e-collar).
    • Includes two 2 hour owner sessions in the 3rd week along with two 1 hour go home sessions (first on the day of the go home with an hour followup 1-2 weeks from go home).
    • Tools used may include dominate dog collar, prong collar and e-collar work, long line recall and food reward (where your dog eats only from hand for the entire 3 weeks).
    • Owner supplied crate, food and bedding.

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